Thursday, May 26, 2011

So today was a hectic day to say the least. I had to get up early and go to an appointment at 10am. I had to bring my cousin in to work because her car is not inspected. Then my fiance had an appointment today at 2. So instead of driving in and out of town we could visit a friend or so. Well we usually are not up that early, so of course no one was around. So we drove back home took a nap, and then went back into town for her appointment. Now we were there on time and this is the second time they have had to reschedule her appointment and their reason for today was "we do not have enough providers, is next week fine" well don't you find it the common courtesy to call and tell the patient they don't have that appointment scheduled ? Just a thought. Anyway - this is not my venting blog LOL this is my free sample blog. Two different ones completely. So I'm sure though out the night I will gather up a bunch of freebies to share with you all. I am glad to be back. I still wish I had my lap top though! At least I am able to use my parents computer! =D

Sample Of You-T - Ladies, I know you hate having UTI's ! Some of my girlfriends suffer from them all the time & I know someone who almost brink death and just got by. So any over the counter medication or herb is always good to try if you think you have a UTI but still you should go to your doctor asap. They are giving out 100 free samples a month! If you are chosen they will send you an email :D

Breathe Right Sample - Walmart sample!! I love Walmart!! =D You must be 18 to get this free sample. Sign up & sign in & get your free sample. The order is not only for just one, but two! 

Sample Of Worx Energy - 1 per a sample per a household. Confirm this sample through your email address. 

Free Lactaid Fast Act Dietary Supplements Sample - Fast acting dietary supplements. If I had lactose intolerance (I had it at one point or another when I was younger) And Lactaid really does work great! Fill in your information. Then it tells you the sample is on it's way! 

Samples Of Invisible Glass - You get 4 wipes plus a rebate up to 3 dollars in the mail. One per a household. Fill in information. Unfortunately there is a daily limit, when I applied for this sample they were all out, but it says to come back tomorrow! I don't want to pass this offer up!

Sample Of Aveeno Hair Care - They have a new kind of Aveeno Hair product to try, for colored hair! Which is good because I always color my hair. One per a household. So I guess I am not able to get this free sample. Boo!

Sample Hartz Dog Training Pads - Go to their Facebook page and like them! Click on training pad giveaway. Click allow Facebook to communicate with Hartz. Fill in your information. It then says the sample is on it's way. I do not own a puppy or a dog that needs training pads, but I have owned a puppy and taken care of one. who used these. They do work great!

Rage Sample - You can get one per a household. You need to be 18 to receive this free sample. Allow 4-6weeks for delivery. 

Natural Nutrition Cat Food Sample - I love free samples for my cat. We love to spoil our animals here. See my fiance and I have a cat named KIA and my parents have a dog named Nicki. So whenever I can get free anything for the animals it's great. The sample includes 3 1 ounce samples (which means one of each flavor ) ha ha lets see if I can get my cat more picky then she already is. ;-D You must be 18 years old and allow 3-4 weeks for delivery. Limit one per household.  (LIMITED SUPPLIES) HURRY!

Subscription To Spin Magazine - I really love love love getting magazines for free in the mail. Especially magazines that really interest me. It will take up to 6-8 weeks to process. 

Osteo Bi-Flex Sample - Get seven days worth of this free sample. Once per a day formula. One sample per a household.8-10weeks for delivery. While supplies last!

Sample Of Vplenish - This is a vitamin boost powder to put in your drink. It's clear and taste free, so when you take a drink of whatever you are drinking it wont change the taste. It does not list when it will be shipped out though. 

Sample of Silky care shampoo - you can get 2 samples per a household. yay. I love it when you can get more then one item! It makes good give aways to friends & family. Should be mailed within 30 days.

Well I am going to get back to working on my app games. Enjoy!

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