Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Free Sample Wednesday!

Ok so I am pretty ticked off right now. I had done a pretty big blog ( 2 days in a row, I know it@!!!!) and then I pressed back space and it brought me back to google. So then I lost everything I wrote. How sad is that ?! So as my night continues on I will be posting more free samples. Hopefully this doesn't happen again!!

Free Alaska Travel Planner - Who doesn't like vacation ? An trip to Alaska might be pretty cold, and we have enough of that up here in the New England area. This summer I am taking a trip to Illinois with the HOT weather so I can get a tan!! Fill in your information in the boxes. You may also download this and print it off. ( My printer doesn't work & my mothers ran out of ink ) It should be in your mail within 3 weeks.

Shout Color Catcher - You do not need to seperate your clothing because this catches all the color. Yay! It might make doing laundry just a little bit easier. (never a bad thing) It says you should get this sample within 6 weeks. I'm pretty excited to try it!

Free Sample Flexitol Heel/Foot Balm - On the left side there is an option to click for a free sample. You should get this sample within a few weeks. We should all have sassy smooth feet :D

Free Purex Complete With Zout Detergent Sample - Allow up to 12 weeks for delivery. 

Free Sample of Probiotics - Fill in your information, whether you want to sign up and be a customer is up to you. Add the info packet, which states at first is 4.99. But you know me, I don't pay anything for my free samples. So at the check out there will be a place for you to place a "promo" code. In that box you want to put FREESAMP,
Then you will eventually get this free sample in the mail. It doesn't say when but hopefully soon!

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