Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Free Sample Thursday!

So here I am again back in action.  I have learned that clipping coupons, and trying to find free samples is very theraputic to me. I wish I had an income, and wasn't disabled. (Currently no receiving any help) Plus I love free stuff!! Enjoy!

Sample Of Caralox - Made for heartburn. Luckily I am prescribed Prilosec & I don't have to worry about not having any meds. I usually get these for my fiance and friends when they have heartburn. Thats why I collect these free samples :D Two different free samples to choice from!

Free Subscription to Working Mother Magazine - This is a 3 year subscription. Yahoo! If you are chosen for this reward You will get your first magazine in 8-10 weeks. I'm not a mother but, I do love getting these magazines for when I do have children (if I can even have them because I medication :( )

Sample Of Fiber Choice Chewable Tablets - Click "get your free sample today" on the page. Chewable tablets. Fill in your information. And you should get your free sample in the mail within 12 weeks. 

Big Ben Pencil Sharpener - You need to sign up for their newsletter, but you also get this big sharpener for free. You should get it in the mail within 3-4 weeks.

Alpo "Real Dog" Kit  -  Take the "real dog" quiz. Then once you finish that scroll down to the bottom, and it says join the real dog club, "the pack" :D Fill in your information, and then you will receive the free membership kit. 6-8 weeks for delivery. 

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