Sunday, May 29, 2011

Free Sample Monday! Memorial Weekend!

So Memorial Day has arrived! It meant great food, good people, and good drinks! I am not meant to drink all the time so tonight was an exception. I currently only on my first drink. hehe. So I am hoping to get MORE samples then usual. Sometimes when I post my free samples I usually find a ton more. I post early because I have lost my whole page before, I was not happy LOL. Anyways- I hope everyone enjoys the extra day off :D

Free Sticker: SB Surfboards - Well I'm from Maine so I am not really a surfer but hey it's a free sample and something to decorate my lap top with, once I get a working one again. You also can enter to win a free surf board. Hey maybe then I'll try it ;-D

Life's a Dog bumper sticker - Another free sample here. It's another bumper sticker =D They will ship it soon it says!

Two Free Quest Bars - Click get a free sample, then fill in your information & verify it in email address and it will be on it's way.

Free Sample of Redken Intra Force - Enter for your chance to win. I want to win this free sample because of the hair damage I have from dying my hair. They will contact you in 90 days to let you know if you won. 

Green Tea Hawaii - Fill in your information. It offers you to buy a whole box of them, but you don't have too. 

Register for a chance to win free Hot tamales-  Pick register new user. Fill in your information. Verify by email. 

Kotex Tampons Free Sample - I can never get enough of these free samples. It's a great freebie because you can keep it right in your car! Fill in your information and it should come in the mail in 6-8 weeks. One per household, and you need to be 13 to get this free sample. 

Ky Brand Intrigue - It takes 6-8 weeks to get this free sample. Don't hate =D

Healthi Feet-  You get a free sample plus a $2.00 off coupon.

Free UFC poster- Fill in your information and you will get a catalog & poster for free. It's the 2010 Catalog. 

Free duffel bag - This one excites me, I hope it's really true. It gives you the option to click a button for the free gift. =D

Natures Select Animal food - This will only be sent if you are near one of the distributing centers. Unfortunately Maine is not under the category. 

Free Sweet Spots for Dogs - Register and print off coupon for free treat. 

Wiggle Works Demo CD - Fill in your information & you will be able to get a free demo game of Wiggle Works. They will review your request within 2 days. 

Free Magic Trick (FOR KIDS) - but I guess us adults can order it too. I am :=D It will arrive in 7-10 business days (school days) One entry per a person. 

Rembrandt Free Samples -  Save up to $8.00 on Rembrandt products. Print them off =)

Green it for Dummies - I noticed as I am traveling through free samples that I have seen 3 different books for "Dummies" but this is the only one that popped out to me. I would like to learn how to have a better green finger. You can either download this, or get the hard copy in the mail. I'm going old fashion and I am getting it in the mail.

Get a free chapter from the Doctor Oz Book - You should get your free chapter in about 6 weeks. 

Free Recipe Booklet - Over 50 different recipes that are healthy. 

Free Autism Poster or Catalog - You have to choose between a poster or a catalog, so I will probably get the catalog. It's 14 signs of Autism. 

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