Saturday, August 20, 2011

Free Sample Saturday!

So I'm trying to keep up with my freebie updates. Sometimes when I am on the go unfortunately I will just grab and not post to people that it was a freebie. I promise though I will get as many to you as I can! Tonight is a late night, it's already 2:20am, I'm such an insomniac !

Spark Energy - Two different flavors to choose from. It says it will ship it out to you shortly. 

Caffeine made me do it sticker! - Like their Facebook page. Then fill out your information below. One sticker per a person. Email confirmation required. Delivered in about 2 weeks. 

Free Playtex sport tampons - Fill in your information. One per a household. 6-8 weeks required. 

Huggies snug and dry - Love free samples from Walmart. Fill in your information and except it in 4 weeks. 

Always infinity - Join the sight PG everyday Solutions. You get many good freebies this is just one of them. It's very easy to sign up too! I got a couple extras. Every few months they give away free samples of other products well, so if you have received them in the past you can have them again. Receive the package in 4-6 weeks. 

Free sample of quit tea - This is for people who would like to stop smoking. I am guilty of smoking, and I know it's bad for me. One day I will quit. Tell me how it works! ha ha Fill in your information. Arrive in a few weeks and confirmation email. 

Free Sample of Splenda Essentials - You need to like their Facebook page first. There are 3 different types to choose from. Very healthy ones in fact! You also get a confirmation email on this free sample as well.

Free Blue Tooth Mouse for business owners - They will only ship to a business address. It will take 2-3 weeks for delivery. 

Teachers get free tape - Fill in your information, where you teach, who you teach. You will get it in the mail shortly.

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