Thursday, June 2, 2011

Free Sample Thursday!!

Well my joy this week was getting a tooth removed. This shall be the second tooth I have had to have pulled, thanks to having sensitive teeth. Found a dentist with referral who takes the insurance I have. They put you out. I couldn't have asked for better service, and I am not scared to have my one wisdom tooth that is coming in out of there! Anyways, let's see what I can find for free samples tonight. Please remember I am usually multi-tasking ( playing Facebook apps, and reading email to blog the free samples I find ) Anyways enough yick yack time to get to the facts!! :p

Clear Trash Bag Sample-  I believe they are only giving out 100 away. The link still works, so I am not sure if they have picked the 100 yet or not. 43x48.

Free Skincare- Even free shipping, luckily because that is the only way I will sign up for a freebie is if everything on it is free :D  You will get this sample in the mail as soon as your name reaches the top of the list. 

Rachel Ray Nutrish Food - Go down to switch to nutrish to fill out the form for this free sample. One per a household. 

Diabetes Meter and Test Strips - Join and get 10 free strips. There are two different meters to choose from. Not to different. Member packet will be sent within 2-3 weeks. 

Poster From Top Shelf Kids Club - Just share your email address with this company. Click submit and then you will get a confirmation email. You also get a free comic book as well. 

Sample of Muscle Gel - Just scroll down and fill out the simple information form. Should be sent out soon it says. 

Sleep Aid - Bio Dream trial sample. They will cover the cost of the shipping too. I love that! Basically just add the free sample to your order. Then complete order and fill in your information just remember at the end to click on free shipping. It should be on it's way soon!

Smooth Radiance Skin Magic Dermabrasion Cleansing Scrub - 1/4oz of a sample. Use with water. Is used to removed dead, dull skin. Limit one per a customer. Crystals dissolve and form into a creamy cleanser. 

Free Sharps Container - Fill in your information information. Then in 7-10 buisness days you should get this in the mail. 

Kodiak Chiropractic Cream - Allow 10 buisness days to get this cream in the mail. 

Minty Kisses - Minty kisses chewing gum. click on free sample, scroll down and fill in your information. Should come in the mail within 20 days.

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