Monday, September 12, 2011

Free Sample Tuesday!

Well it's been a while my fellow bloggers. I haven't posted yet again for awhile. I apologize. I usually don't have time on the computer till at night and, then I am busy doing so many things in the mean time. So anyways ready, set, go!

Norma Kamali 3D glasses - Go to their Facebook web page. Like it. Then fill in your information to request these free 3D glasses. You can also put in a request on the same page to win 2 free tickets to a show. 

John Freida Destination Blondie travel pack - All you need to do is share a tip with them about hair! Then you will get your travel pack sizes of John Freida. When you get to the John Freida website choose to take the survey.

 Infusium free sample - Like their page of Facebook. Fill in your information. 4-6 weeks.

Free Crest Whitening strips - Sign up for PG Everyday Solutions. You will get a free sample of the 3D white strips and also the Vivid Tooth paste. There are other freebies to choose as well if you scroll down. Allow 4-6 weeks for delivery. 

Green Mountain Coffee  - Go to their Facebook page and like them. You can choose from K cups or the bagged coffee. 2-3 weeks for delivery. 

Free AstroGlide X Free sample - Fill in your information. 2-4 weeks for delivery.

Minty Kisses gum - Fill in your information. Then submit and you should get your gum within 20 days. You can choose to  opt out of their email.

Free Kids EmergenC sample - You have to be subscribed to their news letter in order to get this freebie. So scroll down the page and fill in your information. 

Twining Tea sample - You get to choose 3 different flavors of theirs that you want sent to you. Fill in your information after choosing 3. 

Loreal Youth Code - This free sample comes from a website called Red plum. Which includes coupons, free samples, and such. Take a small survey and get night/day cream. 4-6 weeks

Evamor Water 32 oz for free - Like their Facebook page.  Fill in your information. And receive the coupon by email.

Free Electric Body Colestrum - Fill in your information. Its very basic. This freebie comes from New Zealand !! 

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