Monday, October 4, 2010

Free Sample Monday!!

So I haven't been on here much, so luckily my fiance and I are night owls so I can get a little freebie time in. I should be going through a chapter in my infant mental health class, but I'm pushing that aside till tomorrow. Enjoy!

Shout free sample - Fill in your general information and your free sample should be in your mail within 6 weeks. thriftywifey

Nero Patch for legs and feet discomfort - Fill in your general information, and they will send you an email confirmation telling you when you will get it and what you have to do.

Apply to do a Jolee's Jewelery Party- Your host package comes with many different items to make jewelery with. Also to Host a party. Spaces are limited. So apply now!! :-) nikkisfreebiejeebies

Free Pet safety pack- You will get a sticker and magnet within 6 to 8 weeks. 

Free Crayola Coloring Pages - New ones are added monthly and all you have to do is print them out! seriouslyfreestuff

FREE SAMPLE OF THE FINEST TEA FROM NATURAL PERSIMMON - One sample per a household. Allow 4-6 weeks for delivery. 

FREE SAMPLE Bausch & Lomb Biotrue™ Multi-purpose Solution 2 Ounce Sample - You need a costco membership in order to get this sample. I am not a costco member so unfortunately I have no other information about shipment.

Free Kashi Healthy sample- You can choose from two different samples. One is strawberry cereal bar and the other sample is TLC crackers 7 grain. It says it will be in your mail soon! I chose the cereal bar, you can never go wrong on them.

Dove® Cool Essentials Deodorant- You have to be a sams club member in order to get this free sample. I'm not a sams club member so I can not get this free sample. So I have no further information regarding this sample.

Free Sample of Vaseline Lotion repairing moisture - You do not need a membership to get this offer. Fill in your information and it should take 4 to 6 weeks to come in the mail. ilovefreethings

Free sample of CurĂ©l® Sensitive Skin Remedy™ Sample- Fill in the information needed and you will get a sample packet in the mail. 8 to 10 weeks for delivery. Limited one per household. 

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