Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Free Sample Wednesday!

So, I haven't been doing free samples as much as I have wanted too. Well, I have been doing them but I haven't been posting them "slaps self on hand" I'm sorry my fellow bloggers!! I will promise to get a few good free samples on here tonight. I have also been working on my other blog a little bit lately, more then this blog. It's more personal stuff. You can link up to it here Things for thought . 

Cat & dog food free samples - I'm not sure if you can get more then one sample of each at a time, so I clicked both dog & cat food sample. It will give you confirmation at the end, and you don't have to put a credit card number in the information because your order is free.

Bath Test Kit Free Sample - Just fill in the information and it will give your a confirmation at the end, to where it is sending the Free sample too.

Free Sample of Eco's Laundry detergent - sign up at viewpoints to see if you qualify. They will let you know my email if you qualify and if you don't hear anything within a week that means they are out of the product.

Free Air wick car refreshener -  Fill out the information and they will send this to you as fast as they can ;-)

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