Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Not going to be blogging much

So, I will not be blogging as much unfortunately because I lost the power cord to my computer. Next month I should have it back and be blogging again. :-) It's been a little bit sad around the house lately. My parents poor dog Nicki became ill yesterday and become partially blind. So we are praying that she gets better with antibiotics, they believe it is an infection. But the testing for it is insanely expensive and so we are hoping whatever it is goes away with this medicine. But anyways- here are a few that I have not posted on Facebook. Enjoy!

New Kraft Sandwich Shop Mayo - Scroll all the way down to the bottom on the page and it will be on the left side. Click and fill out the form!

Miracle Skin Transformer - Two different colors to choose from. Fill out the form and enjoy in a couple of weeks.

Walgreen's Rewards Program- Fill in your zip code to see if Walgreen's rewards are offered in your area. Then fill out your information and get started on saving. Thanks Bargain Brianna!! 

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