Monday, February 22, 2010

The beautiful broken girl

The fear glazed in your sad sorrow eyes
the uncleared feathered thoughts of honesty
The happiness that once showed in your smile
is lost, down a deep dark path

so much hurt
so much pain
these weary thoughts
nothing less to lose, and nothing more to gain

your loosing your mind with all these what if thoughts
if i did this, if I did that
all that is lost

this beautiful girl
with so much hurt
loves with her heart
has been torn apart

scared to love agian
weakened by words
which once thought was love

holding the memories
holding the thought
of you and her together
breaks your heart.

dying inside
like no one can see
what is really going on

scared to progress
to see what could be there
falling beyond the past
you need to find your way back

Beautiful broken girl
with the smile that glows on your face
come back to your life
you are going to find your place

Take tip toe steps
open your heart that is constricted in side your chest
and let the mending begin

before to much is lost.

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