Saturday, December 4, 2010

Free Sample Saturday!!

So it's early AM here where I am. To be exact its 3:22am and my mouth is aching. Thats because apparently it's my new thing to clinch my jaw together at night, and I am also growing my wisdom teeth as well. So I'm a teething adult. Joy. School is almost over. I am very disappointed at myself this semester, a lot has happened this semester and I didn't have any control of any of it. So anyone in the Holiday spirit? Some people are out Christmas shopping while others are celebrating Hanukkah today would be your fourth day of celebration! Cheers! Here are some freebies. If I don't finish them it;s because I probably fell asleep sitting up typing this. 

Free Clorox wipes - Join their mailing list 

Free Balloon Promo pack -  3 balloons, pen, key chain, bottle opener, and catalog. For providing your information, email to confirm it. 1-2 weeks for delivery.

Free Quick Food Cookbook  - You need to enter in this upc code. 037000326946 and you will get your free cook book within 2-4 weeks.

Nurses save lives - You can get a couple of magnets about the recent problems with nurses that is going around. There are progress reports to from a few years back till now. All of this is free. 10-14 days for delivery. 

Free Atkins starter kit and guide - Just fill out your information and they will send you on in a few weeks.

Bath and Body Works Coupon- - This is for a reindeer pocketbac. Hm ? I'm not really sure what it is but it;s free!!

FREE SAMPLE OF FOREVERLILY EAU DE PARFUM - It will arrive as soon as possible!

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